EPIC would not have been possible without the support and counsel of numerous people and organisations. It is the courage, vision and enthusiasm of these organisations that has made this project possible in an extremely difficult commercial and construction environment.

Major sponsor: Bank of New Zealand

The major sponsor of EPIC and our Sanctuary facility is the Bank of New Zealand. BNZ championed the EPIC idea from the outset, and partnered with the on-the-ground entrepreneurs to transform the concept into reality. The bank applied a commercial lens and appropriate financial analysis to get this project off the ground.

BNZ CEO Anthony Healy says the decision to support the EPIC campus was an easy one. “It’s a place that nurtures collaboration and growth of the high-tech, high intelligence business community of Christchurch – which goes to the core of BNZ’s mission to enable a higher achieving New Zealand.”

The bank funded a significant portion of the upfront development costs with an innovative commercial funding arrangement whereby the majority of the project costs will be progressively paid back through rentals and grants once it’s up and running.

Visit us at www.bnz.co.nz

Government support

New Zealand’s government will invest $1.8 million (excl GST) over the next three years to support the development of EPIC, co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).

“This Government wants to ensure Christchurch remains an attractive place for the high-tech sector and the people working there. This is part of our wider support package for businesses that have been affected by the earthquake, and is a great example of a public-private partnership to create growth opportunities for Christchurch,” says Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for Economic Development and Science and Innovation.

The Christchurch City Council has provided land rent free for five years for EPIC; and the project has been supported and financed by the Bank of New Zealand and underwritten by the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust.Visit us at: www.ccc.govt.nz/centralcityplan

Canterbury Business Recovery Trust Fund

The Canterbury Business Recovery Trust is underwriting parts of EPIC, which has enabled the project to secure funding.Canterbury Business Recovery Trust Executive Director Louise Edwards says EPIC is a wonderful example of businesses working with government, the public and the private sector to develop a model that will be hugely positive for Christchurch’s economy well into the future.

“This is an innovative project which as well as providing a home for 17 small ICT businesses is putting Christchurch firmly on the hi-tech map and will be sure to provide huge economic benefits and opportunities.  The Trustees of the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust are delighted to be able to support this project, which is an incredibly positive step forward in the rebuilding of our city,” says Ms Edwards.

Find out more about the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust at http://www.cbrt.co.nz/.

Advisory team

The EPIC team has a strong group of advisors supporting and guiding the initiative. This group have provided their time at no charge to EPIC prior to the formal signoff. Their support and expertise has been greatly appreciated.

Duncan Cotterill

Duncan Cotterill is committed to the rebuild of Christchurch and we are proud to be involved in EPIC. Whilst this has been a significant pro bono investment for our specialist legal teams this project re-establishes 18 high tech companies in the central city and we hope it will be a beacon for further development. The legal profession must be innovative in how it approaches the rebuild and this project demonstrated the success of the ‘can do’ attitude that is needed to rebuild our city.

Visit us at: www.duncancotterill.com


Octa Enterprise and Innovation has been key to many of the projects we have successfully completed in our 39 year history. We are enthusiastic for the challenge of complex industrial and IT projects whilst public and private sector construction forms a consistent $100m baseload across the country. The EPIC project was a “natural fit” for us and we are pleased to be working with this exciting mix of IT companies.

Canterbury Development Corporation

CDC’s initial involvement with EPIC was as a conduit between central and local government, providing due diligence on the concept. We’ve been impressed by the levels of industry collaboration and cooperation EPIC has achieved and we believe it will make a valuable contribution to the city’s economic growth and diversity. EPIC has also helped bring businesses back to their rightful home in the central city. For CDC, EPIC is a testing ground of the concept that clustering and collaboration drives innovation and success; they have literally broken new ground in Christchurch and we wish them all the best for a successful, innovative future!

Visit us at: www.cdc.org.nz

Murray and Company

Financial Advisor to Epic Murray & Co was appointed by EPIC as its Financial Advisor.

The firm was able to draw on its considerable expertise in the property and corporate finance fields to ensure successful financing of the project.

Murray & Co assisted EPIC with the structuring and execution of the funding packages from BNZ, NZTE and MSI. In addition, and as part of the funding package, a partial underwrite of the project was required and Murray & Co successfully arranged this. The firm is delighted to have been involved in this worthwhile recovery project and congratulates EPIC on its initiative.

Visit us at: murrays.co.nz

Warren and Mahoney

Warren and Mahoney is a multi-disciplinary practice offering architectural, interior design, graphic design, urban design and environmentally sustainable design services. Warren and Mahoney supported EPIC because its a great idea, and will help regenerate the inner city.
Our role was to help Will and Colin with strategic design advice in the early stages of procuring the EPIC building.

We believe EPIC Sanctuary will be a catalyst for business and fun in the new city.

Visit us at: www.warrenandmahoney.com/en/


At Google, we believe that an inspiring physical environment is critical to creative collaboration. We’re thrilled to support the EPIC Technology Hub, and can’t wait to see the great new ideas that come out of it. In particular, since software engineers are machines for turning caffeine into code, we’ve provided the infrastructure and raw materials for crafting the perfect flat white.
Google (especially the forty Kiwi Googlers!)

Colliers International


At 2degrees, we’re committed to making our customer’s lives 2degrees better and, as EPIC’s mobile provider of choice, we’re aiming to keep the tenants of EPIC mobile in every sense of the word by supporting them for their mobile needs to even donating bike stands to EPIC’s outdoor area.

We’re very excited to be actively involved with such an innovative project as ingenuity, innovation and thinking outside the square are all part of what we consider as being integral to 2degrees’ values.

2degrees is on a mission is to deliver smart, simple products that provide great value to customers and we hope that our involvement with EPIC enables emerging local businesses to share their innovative projects with New Zealand and the rest of the world.


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