* Last Update: 4th May, 2014 *

This Is… EPIC.

Our beautiful city suffered greatly at the mercy of the Earthquake in 2011. However the fundamentals upon which it was built (innovation, strong partnerships and collaboration) stand firm as the foundations required to continue forward to a bright and successful future.

Our vision for EPIC has always been to support these valuable principles, in the same way that other innovation parks around the world have become intrinsic components to their home city’s core business development, fostering growth and exploring new opportunities. EPIC Sigma has been conceived to build a new set of foundations for innovation within Christchurch, attracting new business and employment opportunities in high-value industry sectors whilst working closely with key educational institutions.

The city blueprint outlined an innovation precinct to facilitate the establishment of a hub for technology-based industry and research sector within Christchurch’s brand new central city. At the heart of this precinct is EPIC Sanctuary, which continues to yield great success. It was the vision of EPIC Innovations that through this same blueprint design, the second stage of EPIC (Epic Sigma) would plant its feet to become a permanent iconic innovation campus for Christchurch.


While we overcame many hurdles working to bring this dream into reality, we finally reached a point where we felt the Innovation Precinct was no longer a viable location for EPIC Sigma. This is primarily driven by current land prices making a development supporting small-medium businesses uneconomical. Only two options remain – either seek to purchase land outside instead of inside the Innovation Precinct, or give up.

Well, we have no intention of the latter just yet.

Does this mean Christchurch is no longer our goal? Absolutely not.

This city is our home, and it’s here that we’ll continue doing everything in our power to realize our vision.

Sigma is designed to support the vision of what Christchurch can become, a supportive community where together we stand stronger than the sum of our parts. Sigma intends to enable large and small business and institutions to mingle in an ecosystem which promotes collaboration and fosters the creation of new ideas, joint projects, new business models and new solutions to compelling issues through a combined collaborative infrastructure.

The campus is therefore being designed to leverage synergies between the corporate, education, regional and Government institutions involved as well as encompassing New Zealand’s science-based Crown Research Institutes that already have headquarters in the region. With strong support from world leaders in innovation, Sigma is is focused on becoming a magnet for talent, complimenting the rebuild of our city and attracting people, capital and new ideas from around the world.


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