Stage 1: EPIC Sanctuary

As the name suggests Sanctuary is a safe haven for 20 technology companies displaced by the Canterbury earthquakes. But it is more than that.

Sanctuary is also a prototype of new type of entrepreneur community, pioneered by companies like Google around the world, but until not seen in New Zealand. The potential of this prototype will be realised in the Sigma project.

The 20 companies involved in this initial phase have signed up over a five year term. The Sanctuary tenants have all indicated interest in moving on to the Sigma phase at the completion of the five year Sanctuary term.

Site Details

Sanctuary has been built on the old “Para Rubber” site in Christchurch CBD, on Manchester Street between Tuam and St Asaph Streets.

It is a 2800m2 timber structure developed by local company Timbercore. This structure is ideal for the Sanctuary facility as it provides a faster and a safer construction process, with less demand for skilled workers on site, less disruption to the community and less waste.

The prefabricated buildings are made entirely in New Zealand. Using laminated timber gives a quieter, softer and warmer looking interior. It will perform well in terms of sound performance as well as offering high resistance to earthquakes

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